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Putting Akron on the Map – A Book Review

August 8, 2009

LeBron James, in perhaps third or fourth grade, sets a goal that someday, somehow, he is going to put his hometown of Akron, Ohio on the map.  LeBron loves playing basketball, and following a friend’s suggestion, joins a team called the Shooting Stars, part of the American Athletic Union.

He meets and befriends teammates Dru Joyce, Willie McGee, and Sian Cotton.  This Fab Four dream of winning a national championship while playing in the AAU, but mistakes cost them their bid, and high school looms.  The four adolescents decide to stick together and keep pursuing the National Championship dream.  They play for St. Vincent High School and the irascible Romeo Travis joins their ranks. 

This is a story of five friends, all talented and determined to achieve a common goal.  Throughout their high school careers, they face numerous challenges on and off the court.  Nevertheless, they have advocates in friends, family and coaches, who help pursue their goal.

In a brisk, clean narrative, James chronicles their personal and athletic lives, offering heart-stopping play-by-plays of key games.  Basketball comes to life on the pages, and the excitement is palpable.  The humanity of the players is immediately apparent.  The pursuit of their goal is urgent.

LeBron James is already a legend.  He relates the Shooting Stars story with great humility.  Teamed in writing with Buzz Bissinger, they form yet another dream team.  This is an instant classic, the stuff of legend.  Certainly the Fab Five are worthy of that status.  This is an engrossing read, reflecting the remarkable talent, dedication and spirit of the players, coaches and families.

This book will be available on Amazon:

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  1. August 8, 2009 1:27 PM

    Excellent and compelling review of this book, Peggy. It should appeal to anyone from anywhere who has even the slightest interest in basketball.

    • hummingbirder permalink*
      August 8, 2009 1:45 PM

      Thank you. I enjoyed reading it very much!

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