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Spanish Lessons

September 21, 2010

Review of Behind the Wheel Express РLevel 1 (Spanish)

Except for my screen name and the radio station, this review is composed of material I learned from the product. Here is what I’m saying in English:

Hi! My name is Hummingbirder. I’m from the United States. Nice to meet you.

I am studying to learn Spanish with “Behind the Wheel Express – Level 1.” It’s 3 disks and a book. With the disks, first I listen, then I repeat. I listen, repeat; listen, repeat; listen, repeat. But not in the car. How do you say “accident” in Spanish? When I am in the car, I listen to “La Mega, 103.1, More Music!” I listen and repeat at home.

The lessons are in the book too, and much more. Just the disks or just the book isn’t good. The disks AND the book are very good.

Why do I want to learn Spanish? Because I like to make new friends and I like languages. Can you learn also? Yes, of course! But you have to study.

You don’t have to pay a lot for “Behind the Wheel Express – Level 1.” It’s cheap! You’re going to like it. Good luck. See you later.

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