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Mullet, Mangroves, and Manatee

May 18, 2011

We stopped at an inlet on Turtle Beach to drop in a line.  It looked like a good spot.  Lots of mangroves, and mullet jumping every minute.  It seemed like a good spot for some small fish; a safe haven where the little buggers wouldn’t suspect any predators.

For the first cast, my bait was a frozen shrimp.  I put a weight and bobber on the line because it was hard to see how deep the water was.  In seconds, I had a nibble.  Within a few minutes, I brought in a small but lively sheepshead.  Eureka!  A good spot indeed.  I was going to cut the fish up to use for bait.  Fresh is better than frozen.  But before I could get my hands on it, my husband threw it back.  He survived the laser-stinkeye I shot him.

We continued, enjoying communing with nature, noting the presence of a manatee.  The water had to be fairly deep, so we employed a number of baits and lures.  I kept getting nibbles.  Oh, promises, promises!  The nibbler turned out to be a crab.

Better luck next time.  It was a dud trip, but being gone fishing is always better than working. 

A right smart manatee that was, too, hanging out away from the boat docks.

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