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My Response to Amazon’s Response

June 6, 2011

This is in response to your reply to my inquiry about the friends and communities features. You did not respond regarding communities features at all.

Nowhere on the website does it say any features regarding friends and communities have been discontinued. Furthermore, not everyone posts a wishlist, and I don’t necessarily need one because I know what my friends would like.

I understand the website requires maintenance and updates. We have a website where I work, too. Disabling these features is more than an inconvenience. The communities and friends features actually help us get the most out of our shopping at Amazon. There are reviewers we count on, not just strangers. And if I’m looking to buy something, I find posting a question in a related community always nets me a good answer. I answer questions too, when I have expertise about an item.

A lot of people use the friends and communities features. Disabling them will drive us away, and Amazon will be about as useful as HSN, which is lousy for reviews and questions. So, if you want to ensure you lose sales, disable the features. That’s one thing I know for sure will work. People will leave in droves.

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