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I Hate Prestige Delivery

October 4, 2011

I have Amazon Prime. Prestige does not know what that means. They don’t care if my packages arrive late. Amazon is paying them because they have a contract. Their tracking system is deplorable. The drivers do not wear uniforms, name tags, or any other kind of identification. They are forced to drive their own vehicles. There are no marked vehicles. The delivery staff try to force me to sign for every package they deliver. They are nearly always late, and choose one of two excuses: they have my package but no paperwork, or they have paperwork but no package.

In my latest experience, I ordered an in-stock Amazon Prime item that shipped on a Thursday from a fulfillment center in Kentucky. It was supposed to arrive Monday. Tuesday, it still isn’t here.  Amazon customer service set up a conference call between me and Prestige. Prestige said the item is on the truck for delivery today. I said there isn’t any truck and described the vehicles and drivers with the Amazon rep listening. Then Prestige asked for my phone number. They wanted to get me off the phone with Amazon listening. I didn’t do it. I gigged Prestige with every lie and excuse they came up with.

This carrier is very shady, and I wish to heaven Amazon didn’t have a contract with them.

I did rate them on Google Places.  You can do it, too.

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