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Cosmic Capers

October 15, 2017

Jazz is a twenty-six year old lunar dweller with loads of smarts, who doesn’t live up to anyone’s expectations.  Her father owns a lunar welding shop in Artemis, the first city built on the moon.  Their relationship is a bit strained, because he wanted her to follow in his footsteps, but she marches to the beat of her own drummer.

What she really wants to do is be an EVA guide, a lucrative occupation entailing taking tourists from earth on moon walks outside the domes which comprise Artemis.  But she failed the exam, and it costs a fortune to attempt getting into the business.

So she’s stuck in her “temporary” position of porter, an a la carte delivery job.  She isn’t above delivering contraband to choice customers who tip well.  A wealthy customer makes an offer too good to refuse, to destroy some machinery owned by a rival.  She accepts, and mayhem ensues.

There is a lot of mayhem, and humor, too.  She botches the job in epic fashion, and after that she’s on the run from the law, the rival, and a mysterious assassin.  But Jazz has a conscience, and wants to make things right, so she keeps entering other endeavors to make up for her mistake.  And she has to stay on her toes, because some of her friends are actually foes.

It’s a fun, thrilling, frightening story that moves at a hectic pace.  I promise, it will leave you breathless.

Buy here beginning November 17, 2017



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