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Relic by Alan Dean Foster – A Review

May 16, 2018

A Stellar Journey

The Myssari are an alien race studying a human named Ruslan.  They picked him up on a planet named Shebaroth, and consider him quite valuable as a specimen, because he is the only known survivor of the human race.  An unknown agent dispersed a biological weapon on every planet colonized by humans.  Ruslan is quite old, but the Myssari take good care of him.  They are not only studying the human race.  They want to bring it back.

Ruslan does not want to be cloned for moral reasons, but he can’t stop it from happening after he dies.  The Myssari strike a bargain with him.  They want him to stay with him, and they will try to find planet Earth on the slim chance any humans survived there.  A carrot and a stick so he’ll answer their questions, and all is well until Ruslan and the Myssari encounter another alien race, who also want to study the specimen, Ruslan.  They offer him a bargain, too.

Ruslan considers himself a simple man, but his thoughts and emotions run deep.  The Relic is not some cowboys of the galaxy story.  It is a story of different races competing, their intergalactic explorations, and a treatise on diplomacy, as well as the hopes and dreams of a lonely old man.  In many ways, it is a reflection on multicultural relationships.  Settle in and get cozy as the story unfolds and finally ends in a way you never considered.  I highly recommend it because it is a refreshing science fiction read.

Available on Amazon in August, 2018.


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