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Lessons from Lucy by Dave Barry

July 22, 2018

One day, Dave Barry looked in the mirror and said, “Wow, I’m 70 years old! I don’t have a lot of time left.” He looked at his dog, Lucy, with her graying hair, and thought, “Neither does she, but she’s having fun. Wait a minute, what’s wrong with this picture?” Then Lucy gave him a nudge because she had to make a crucial wee.

So he took her outside, and while she looked for the absolute perfect place to go, he pondered how he wanted to spend the rest of his life and decided to write, of all things, a self-help book.

As ridiculous as it seems, he did just that, with Lucy as his mentor. And the lessons are certainly there, but I never had so much fun reading a self-help book. I’ve always been a fan, and this is classic Dave, but I had to keep putting down the book because I was laughing so hard. And I shed a tear or two for the people who are no longer in my life.

Lessons from Lucy is short and sweet, insightful as only a dog can be. It may be the best book Dave has ever written, and I am not making that up.

Five stars!

Publication date October 23, 2018

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